CAVS – Credible Audio Visual Solutions


Cavs brand stands for Audio Visual Solutions of Credible, US. Cavs are companies operating in the field of audio equipment Karaoke including hardware, application software and system solutions. Founded in 1995, the foundation brand Cavs were very solid. Cavs engineers have studied and achieved many important discoveries contribute to sound Karaoke industry. Comprehensive sound system of Cavs immediately very popular across the country and exported to the United States to other countries, including Asia and Vietnam.


Modern Logo CAVS

The most typical is the Cavs JB-99, PC Karaoke system allows users to manage large amounts song easily without the need to carry thousands of individual discs. Not a product that can do the same thing at that time, Cavs JB-99 is considered to be the revolutionary product very much laid the foundation for modern karaoke beginning today. The launch of the JB-99 Cavs introduced to the US market in 2001, is such as Apple’s iPod. Later, the US market alone, Cavs also partnered with Apple provides applications Karaoke for iPhone, iPad.


Cavs JB-99 introduced to the US market in 2001

In Vietnam, in the 90s, Cavs have penetrated the Vietnamese market through audio enthusiasts importing countries, mainly Amply Karaoke. Although not common, Cavs only known audio connoisseur, but was promptly noted: the branded product quality Cavs sure, deep sound, listen for as long as leave an impression.

By 2012, the Cavs official USA Cavs franchise in Vietnam for Import and Export Company Limited Emperor International. Emperor is an important partner and market strategy in Vietnam in particular and Asia in general. 2013, Japanese Emperor was successful registration and protection of trademarks in Vietnam Cavs.

Cavs factory are located in Korea and China, applied research and international standards of the Cavs. In the tradition of the brand, the Cavs contemporary products always express the depth of sound to follow the latest design language, high durability. Cavs sound system has been developed fully upgraded advanced from Cavs Amply karaoke, karaoke speaker genuine, Micro to Mixer, Subwoofer (subwoofer) …


Full of modern Karaoke CAVS Set

The expansion of this market confirms the ongoing development of the Cavs, brought to market and consumers Vietnam the new technology product line, superior quality and service on a complete and spacious. Le Hong Ha – Audio Professionals – General Manager, export companies Emperor said: “The registration and brand protection for Cavs is a strategic step in the audio market towards the Imperial Japanese karaoke from 2012. Emperor will do our utmost to provide the best products of the Cavs to even the most discerning user. ”

The typical products of this brand which was noted in the palm of karaoke audio players which is Amply Cavs 606N, 203EMS Cavs, Cavs NH102E Mixer, Speaker karaoke Cavs 301E, 401D, 402E … ..but this Vietnamese product superiority ownership of the features that the other product lines can not be as good noise filtering capabilities, for the honest sound quality, maximum support of the singing voice, satisfying a passion karaoke ” adventure “one. Cavs branded products available in the market are sound very confident consumers opt for professional karaoke room and family karaoke.

Most recently, the Japanese Emperor Audio has launched the site http://cavsaudio.com create favorable conditions in the process of searching for products, information on the Cavs for people in the field of audio karaoke as well as anyone want to learn about this field. This is one of the closest approach to brand Cavs and the lovers, trusted products Cavs.

Finally, the system of agents spread across the country, Emperor Audio will take this brand to the world oldest broadly sound with hope in the future, there will be the Cavs brand new breakthrough , Vietnam is people widely known and well-received.


Contact information


Headquarters: 8616 Phoenix Drive Manassas, VA 20110, USA

Tel: 1-800-957-227


Contact in Vietnam

Address: 63 Nguyen Khoai, Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi
Tel: 043.937.8010 – Hotline: 0966.226.006
Email: cavsaudio@gmail.com



Brand Name: Cavs – Credible Audio Visual Solutions USA

Origin: United States

Year founded: 1995

Scope: The industry Karaoke

Achievements: Leading the research, production and development of hardware devices, software applications and system solutions Karaoke


In 2012, Nhat Hoang was succesful for Cavs USA brand franchising Cavs use in Vietnam.

Until 2013, Nhat Hoang was successful for registration and protection of trademarks in Vietnam exclusive Cavs brand.